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family life

Family Life

Get Help

Our services take a whole of family approach. This means, when a person comes to us for help, we offer to work with their whole family. In this way, changes and improvements can be more effective and lasting. While our services are available to everyone, our priority is to assist people who are ‘at risk’ or vulnerable. Learn more
Jess and Joan


PeopleWorx is an employment training program where students can learn new skills, meet new people and gain support in a fun and friendly environment. Students receive support both in the classroom and in our Opportunity Shops by a qualified Trainer, Family Life Social Worker and trained Volunteer Mentors. Find out more here
Bayside Counselling Service

Bayside Counselling

Family Life Bayside Counselling Service is a Social Enterprise business. By choosing to use our ‘for-profit-for-good’ services, all fees will be reinvested back into programs and services which support Family Life’s mission of enabling children, young people and families to thrive in caring communities. More Info
Royal Commission into Family Violence

Royal Commission

The Commission will inquire into and provide practical recommendations on how Victoria’s response to family violence can be improved. The Commission is due to provide its report and recommendations to the government by Monday, 29 February 2016.