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Our services take a whole of family approach. This means, when a person comes to us for help, we offer to work with their whole family. In this way, changes and improvements can be more effective and lasting. While our services are available to everyone, our priority is to assist people who are ‘at risk’ or vulnerable. Learn more
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There are many ways you can support Family Life towards achieving our vision of capable communities, strong families, thriving children:      
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Family Life Annual Report

Family Life is driven by the belief that every child has the right to grow up safely in the care of their families with the support of a caring community.   Our 2013-2014 Annual Report outlines our  efforts, in collaboration with community, over the past year towards advancing our mission Read the Annual report here. 

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On December 19, 2013, all at Family Life were shocked by the sudden and violent death of our colleague and friend Cathy Browning. As a community agency working to end violence, we were devastated to lose one of our own. Cathy was looking forward to her future and so very proud of her daughters Amy and Rhiannon - their photos always on her desk and family stories shared in staff room conversations. As a work community, we continue to feel Cathy's loss and send our love and support to all her family. Rest in Peace dear Cathy. Never forgotten at Family Life.