Conflict of Interest

Any potential or actual conflicts of interest shall be declared by the Board member concerned and documented in the minutes to ensure transparency and capacity of the members to conduct full and robust discussion of all issues brought before the Board.


Any business or personal matter that is or could be a conflict of interest involving the individual and his / her role and relationship with Family Life must be declared by each Board member by completing a general Board declaration of interests form and tabling it at a Board meeting. Receipt of this declaration must be recorded in the minutes and filed in the register of Board members’ declaration of interests.

At any time (in addition to the annual declaration of interests) a Board member must raise any possible conflict of interests they become aware of and declare the possible conflict at a Board meeting with a record in the minutes of the Board’s determination as to whether or not there is deemed to be a conflict.

Where a conflict of interest is identified and / or registered, the Board member concerned is not permitted to participate in any discussion on that topic or topics felt by the Board to be closely related. The Board member should leave the room during such discussions.

Where the President is aware of a real or potential conflict of interest involving one or more Board members, the President must take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the conflict is managed in an appropriate manner according to this policy.

Individual Board members aware of a real or potential conflict of interest of another Board member have a responsibility to bring this to the notice of the President in the first instance, and to the whole Board where necessary.