Forward Plan 2017-2020

By 2020, Family Life will report an increased, expanded, and high value contribution to improving the social and economic well-being of diverse Australian families.

Vision                                                                        Purpose

Capable communities, strong families, thriving children.                                Transforming lives for stronger communities.

Three year Strategic Initiatives 2017 – 2020




Families Benefit

Families have improved social & economic outcomes from our model for prevention & earlier intervention, integrated whole of family services and community support.

Evidence & Outcomes

All services are implemented to the requirements for evidence informed practice, transparent performance & measured outcomes.

Social Change

Through collaboration & communication we work to support better outcomes for vulnerable & disadvantaged families & children in diverse communities in Australia.

Knowledge and Skills

Outcomes are achieved by an engaged workforce resourced to deliver the best customer experiences for diverse beneficiaries & stakeholders.


We contribute to thought and practice leadership embracing new technologies and approaches to solving complex social problems.



We have built the financial sustainability of our purpose by diversifying income, connecting with empowering networks & ensuring best value business systems and processes.

Our Values and Code of Ethics


We acknowledge and value the human and legal right of all individuals, evidenced by:

• Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
• Strengths perspective
• Open communication,
• Support and information transparently provided.


We maximise the opportunities for individuals and families to participate in local and broader communities, evidenced by:

• Applying a systems, context-sensitive approach
• Advocacy for services and social change
• Promoting diversity
• Seeking input and feedback to guide our efforts.


We understand Family Life exists as part of a network of relationships and interactions evidenced by:

• Involvement of community members
• Co-operative and collaborative working with others
• Consultation and partnerships
• Commitment to learning with others


We encourage and strengthen individuals, families and communities to:

• Know their rights and value their voice in consultations
• Facilitating knowledge and skill sharing
• Working with a strengths perspective
• Promoting self agency for growth and change

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