Forward Plan 2017-2020


Our Values and Code of Ethics


We acknowledge and value the human and legal right of all individuals, evidenced by:

• Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
• Strengths perspective
• Open communication,
• Support and information transparently provided.


We maximise the opportunities for individuals and families to participate in local and broader communities, evidenced by:

• Applying a systems, context-sensitive approach
• Advocacy for services and social change
• Promoting diversity
• Seeking input and feedback to guide our efforts.


We understand Family Life exists as part of a network of relationships and interactions evidenced by:

• Involvement of community members
• Co-operative and collaborative working with others
• Consultation and partnerships
• Commitment to learning with others


We encourage and strengthen individuals, families and communities to:

• Know their rights and value their voice in consultations
• Facilitating knowledge and skill sharing
• Working with a strengths perspective
• Promoting self agency for growth and change