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Family Life presents the Child and Youth Directory

Family Life established the Child and Youth Directory (CYD) in partnership with local Councils to promote awareness and increase access to services for young people, parents and carers, families, and service providers in the local area.

Family Life is the leading partner for the CYD which covers Melbourne’s inner middle and beachside suburbs. The CYD online resource received an award for Access to Early Years Services in late 2015.

After the success of the CYD, Family Life now lead the latest development of the Mornington Peninsula Child and Youth Directory (MPCYD). Family Life will continue to support access to services by replicating the Child and Youth Directory to cover the Mornington Peninsula local area.

Family Life encourage service providers to promote and utilise the resource to young people and families. Please contact us to learn more about how you can be more involved in the CYD and MPCYD community. We invite feedback to support ongoing sustainability and encourage you to contact us to continue to improve the resource.

Child and Youth Directory

Mornington Peninsula Child and Youth Directory

The Mornington Peninsula Child and Youth Directory is NOW also available.

This is a very useful resource for families, young people, parents and carers, and service providers in the Mornington Peninsula area.

You can search services by age, level of need or services type or view the A-Z listing of services and Agencies. You can add services, list networking groups, improve your knowledge of the local service system or find out what young people are looking for…

Mornington Peninsula Child and Youth Directory

Child & Youth Directory – Inner Middle

Officially launched in April 2015 at the Kingston Town Hall by Mr.Bernie Geary (OAM & Principal Commissioner for Children & Young People). The CYD includes services covering Bayside, Glen Eira, Kingston, Port Phillip and Stonnington and aims to improve awareness of the support that is available to young people and their families and to provide assistance to locate the right service in their local area.

The CYD lists over 500 services including mental health and wellbeing, disability, recreation, ATSI, offered by more than 150 different agencies. It focuses on services for children and young people aged 0 -25 years, and their parents and carers. It will be useful for consumers of the services and also service providers.Users of the CYD can search for services based on audience or age, level of need, location or service type. Users can view lists of services (A-Z Services) or list of Agencies (A-Z Agency).

Mr Geary OAM believes the CYD is an excellent resource for local communities, “The directory encourages active, supported referrals to appropriate services, increasing support for vulnerable families, children and young people.  Rather than navigating complex service landscapes, the directory offers a one-stop shop of services.”
The CYD is the result of a collaborative partnership project between Family Life School Focused Youth Service (Beachside & Kingston), Stonnington City Council School Focused Youth Service (Stonnington, Glen Eira & Port Phillip) and Bayside Medicare Local.  The CYD grew from consultations with schools, community members and service providers that identified poor awareness and confusion about what community services are available and who they provide a service to. This uncertainty may prevent people accessing support services.

Bayside City Council
City of Glen Eira
City of Kingston
City of Stonnington
City of Port Phillip
Go to the Child and Youth Directory (CYD)

Information Resources for Service Providers

You can find information on the CYD and other service provider resources for people working with young people in the local area. These young people may be experiencing multiple issues affecting their mental health and wellbeing, or experiencing issues with their family and friends. We encourage you to add your services, and enquire about listing network groups and adding resources to the CYD.
View the CYD Information for Service Providers.
To order printed copies of flyers or magnets, contact the Child and Youth Directory team.