Creating Capable Communities

When communities work together, families are strengthened, communities are connected and inclusive, and individuals have a positive sense of culture and belonging. Community members support each other and participate in community events and activities, work, education and volunteering. Children and young people grow up in safe and supportive neighbourhoods.

Creating Capable Communities is a community strengthening program developed by Family Life since 1998 to assist residents of high-need neighbourhoods to overcome the social barriers associated with economic disadvantage.

Our goal is to strengthen families by promoting wellbeing and to improve children’s and parents’ health and wellbeing. We engage and involve residents and parents in activities and projects which include healthy food, healthy eating and active play. Gradually building confidence and capacity, from volunteering to participation, to local leadership and employment. It is this local leadership which provides the foundation for sustainable change and improved wellbeing for children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The effectiveness of the program over time is supported by an evidence-base of intergenerational improvements in the lives of parents and children participating in Creating Capable Communities. Family Life has a proven suite of Creating Capable Communities programs which demonstrate, through evidence collected since 2000, the empowerment of parents and residents to lead change and to meet the needs of children and families within their local community.

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The Genesis – how it all began

Creating Capable Communities Publications

Creating Capable CommunitiesCreating Capable Communities – celebrating a journey

Our story includes children and parents, young people, service providers, government departments, local business people, philanthropists and members of parliament.

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Creating Capable Communities Toolkit Guide

An overview and framework of the Creating Capable Communities program which can be adapted for other communities. Includes one complete sample module.

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