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Bayside Children’s Contact Service (BCCS)

The Bayside Children’s Contact Service is a safe, neutral, child focused venue for supervised contact visits and changeovers to occur between children and their parents, where separated parents are unable to manage their own contact arrangements without conflict. 

Times can be scheduled at a mutually beneficial time; weekdays or weekends, before nap-time or after-school. We are happy to work with you to make the make arrangements that suit everyone involved and are in the best interests of the child.

For more information please read our FAQ, call us (03 8599 5433) or email your enquiry to bccs@familylife.com.au

The Bayside CCS is a social enterprise operated by Family Life. It does not receive government funding. Families accessing the Bayside Children’s Contact Service are required to fund the full cost of services accessed, payable in advance.

Funds generated through the Bayside Children’s Contact Service are required to cover the cost of delivering the service with any surplus invested into our charitable purposes. 

Step 1 Check your eligibility

Check whether you are eligible for this service using the BCCS Eligibility Checklist before filling
in an application form.

Step 2 Complete application form

Download the BCCS online form.
Complete and send it to bccs@familylife.com.au.
An application form is required by each party.

Step 3 Individual intake & assessment interview

We will contact you to arrange an intake and assessment appointment.
A separate appointment will take place for each party.

Step 4 Commence supervised visits at mutually agreed days/times

Please find our Fee Schedule here. To organise payment for BCCS, please contact us on (03 8599 5433) or email bccs@familylife.com.au.

Where families are not in a position to use this fee paying service we encourage use of Family Life’s Frankston or Berwick Contact Services, or other government funded CCS. Waiting periods are likely to apply for these government funded services.