Frankston Children’s Contact Service (CCS)

Family Life provide Federally funded Children’s Contact Services from several locations throughout the Southern Region of Melbourne. Fees are payable on a sliding scale, subject to income.

Please note;
• Waiting periods apply.
• Families utilise the Service closest to where the child/ren reside.
• The Children’s Contact Services require both parents’ application forms to proceed with the Intake process
• All children aged five years and above, will meet with a Child and Family Counsellor prior to spend time arrangements commencing.
• Parents are expected to support and encourage their child/ren’s involvement with the Service in line with child focused policy
• Children are not permitted to attend the parent’s Intake Interview. Please ensure that you make other arrangements for child care during this time.

For further information phone: 9784 0650 and ask for the Children’s Contact Service.

Applications can be downloaded here.