Child FIRST – Child and Family Information, Referral and Support Team

Child FIRST is a State Government Initiative to help vulnerable families, children and babies.

The primary purpose of Child FIRST is to ensure that children, young people and their families are linked effectively into all relevant services.

Family Life is a partner service provider in the Southern Victorian region from Portsea to Port Phillip.

Call Family Solutions Child FIRST on 1300 721 383.

Child FIRST can help with:

  • providing support for you and your family
  • information and advice
  • linking children, young people and their families into community services
  • identifying and understanding what your family needs
  • assisting families to work towards their goals and meet their needs
  • support in joining groups such as playgroups, young mum’s and dad’s groups, parent education groups, volunteer and mentoring support programmes and social support groups

Child FIRST Referrals

Child FIRST was set up under the Children Youth and Families Act Vic (2005) to be the entry point for all Family Services support programs.

If there are concerns about the well-being of a child (this can include an unborn child), Child First is the first point of contact.

A report should be made to Child Protection if you have immediate concerns about a child’s safety, stability or development.

Is it confidential?

A person making a referral may choose to have their identity remain confidential. However, in most cases, better outcomes for the child, young person and family are achieved when a referral is made with their consent and participation.

Child FIRST operates confidentially in line with the Children Youth and Families Act Vic (2005 and the Privacy Act).

How much does it cost?

Child FIRST programs are free and available to families of any cultural background with children aged 0 to 17 years. If you are pregnant, you are also eligible to receive support to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.