Adolescent Violence

It’s normal for adolescents to challenge authority and rules, as they prepare to become independent. So how do you know what is healthy anger and what is abusive behaviour?

Below are some examples to help you be aware of some of the warning signs;


  • Hitting, punching, shoving, kicking, spitting,
  • Breaking and throwing things
  • Abusive and bullying behaviour to siblings
  • Cruelty to pets


  • Verbal abuse, swearing, yelling, put downs
  • Playing mind games
  • Making threats to run away, hurt or kill themselves


  • Demanding money or purchases you can’t afford
  • Stealing money or possessions
  • Incurring debts that you have to pay

Family Life are here to help.

Family Life’s Adolescent Violence Program:

Aims to reduce adolescent Family Violence and increase safety through the provision of one on one counselling and/or group work to support the  family and the young person who is using violence. The key objectives of the program are:

  1.  To increase the safety of all family members including the adolescent.
  2. To engage and assist young people who are at risk of a range of negative consequences as a result of their use of violence.
  3. To strengthen the young person’s emotional well being, communication and problem solving skills.
  4. To strengthen parenting capacity and strengthen the parent – adolescent relationship.
  5. To provide resources and referral pathways where required.
  6. To actively challenge and reduce the use of violence.
  7. Support long term change through working with the whole family unit.

For more information on the program please phone Family Life on 03 8599 5433 and ask to speak to the Duty Worker or email