School Focused Youth Services

The School Focused Youth Service is a Department of Education and Training initiative intended to support original ideas that can keep at-risk students engaged in mainstream education. The program is currently the responsibility of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Family Life is an auspice body, contracted to deliver the SFYS program in the Frankston, Bayside and Kingston Local Government Areas.

The service aims to strengthen the support for 10-18 year old vulnerable children and young people by improving integrated service response, facilitating partnerships, and coordination of services between Government, Catholic and Independent schools and community service organisations at a local level.  This coordination of response is expected to result in improved outcomes for young people who are considered vulnerable to one or more of the following risk factors: violence, offending, depressive mood and depressive disorders, self-harm, and substance abuse. The brokerage aspect of the SFYS program supports innovative projects that meet the needs of the target group.

For more information please phone Family Life on 03 8599 5433 or email

Bayside/Kingston Current Projects

Map Your World

Map Your World is a curriculum-based program that teaches students how to become change makers and lead projects of change on issues that matter to them. Under SFYS, participating schools are able to integrate Map Your World into an existing curriculum and engage student at-risk of leaving school to solve the problems that affect their ability to attend school. Student groups explore what it means to become a change maker and delve deep into local issues within their school with a view to mapping, tracking, changing and sharing their projects.
Participating schools are provided with funds through SFYS to get their projects off the ground during 2017.
To read more about Map Your World click here, or to make enquiries for your school contact SFYS Coordinator Gabrielle Evans on for more information.

Trauma Informed School Communities

This program has been designed specifically to teach educators from each Bayside and Kingston school the theory and application of the Neurosequential Model of Education (NME).
NME is an internationally acclaimed framework designed to teach educators how the young brain is impacted by trauma, and how to work effectively with traumatised students.
Participating schools will progress through a series of 3 face-to-face workshops and 2 follow-up in-house sessions with SFYS Coordinator and NME Trainer, Gabrielle Evans.
Each school will be supported to implement customised strategies that fit the needs of the school and their students.
Click here to view flyer for more information, workshop dates and to register to attend.

Trauma Informed Teachers Aids

In partnership with the BGKLLEN, SFYS and Family Life are delivering two professional development sessions on trauma-informed teaching for local teachers aids. There will be opportunity for QnA and networking.
Click on the links below for further information on these sessions and how to register.

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