A bequest is the act of giving by a will.  Leaving a gift in your will to Family Life will help future generations of families and children to thrive.

Family Life has prepared a ‘My Personal Information and Will Preparation Kit’ to help you organise the information you may need before you instruct your lawyer to write or update your Will.

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Your bequest has the power to change lives

We often wonder how we can leave our mark on this world and how we would like to be remembered. One way you can celebrate your own life and pass on a part of your life’s work is by leaving something behind for those that need a helping hand.

Your gift could help keep vulnerable families together and connected to the community through our successful Community Bubs program. Or your gift could help prevent mental illness, family violence and homelessness by helping to fund our vital early intervention and prevention programs.

Why Margaret Parsonson decided to make a Living Bequest

“I chose to make a ‘living-bequest’ to Family Life as I was so impressed by the Children’s Contact Centre they operate at 199 Bluff Road, Sandringham. The Centre provides a safe, neutral and child-focused place where a mum or dad can spend supervised time with their child. The rooms have such a warm and inviting feel and are stocked with toys and fun activities and there is a safe garden to play in.

Having been a founding volunteer with Family Life I feel proud that the organisation has gone from strength to strength and is now helping 1000s of vulnerable people across Melbourne, every year.

I started volunteering at Family Life in 1970. I worked in Reception where we greeted clients and attended to administrative matters.

Back then, counselling was not the accepted part of our lives that it is today. Confidentiality was stressed to the point that if we volunteers saw an appointment listed for a person we knew, we were to vacate the reception area until the client left so the client would not be embarrassed.

I have such fond memories of my time at Family Life; I treasure the friendships I made and am honoured I have had the opportunity to make a contribution to my community.”



Kerry Hegarty and Glen Duddy, Black Rock

“Recently, we were updating our wills and we chose to bequeath a portion of our estate to Family Life. It was a natural step for us as we have a strong appreciation of their care for our local community.”




Elenore and Katya

Elenore Videion, Mentone

“As I have great faith that any money I bequest will be well spent, I will be leaving a generous amount to Family Life in my will with my daughter’s support and encouragement. As the CEO was awarded an OAM and innovative programs incorporate world-leading research, I have every faith that Family Life will continue to make a difference to the lives of people in my community for years to come. It is important for me to leave money to my family and a charity, and I have chosen Family Life as my favourite charity as I know my passing will benefit children and families in the future.”



David, Alice and Pam Allison

David Allison and his wife Alice, together with their sister-in-law Pam Allison, were part of the team who founded Family Life in 1970.

Their contribution to Family Life and the community was remarkable. David and Alice both made a provision for Family Life in their wills.

When Pam passed away, her family made a financial donation to Family Life in her name. Thanks to the Allison family’s vision, hard work and generosity many children and their families have been able to get the help they needed, when they needed it.



Mrs. June Rose Taylor – $20,000 – Specific Sum – Bequest

June Taylor and her family spent much time caring for disadvantaged children. June’s $20,000 (specific sum) bequest to Family Life has been invested in a Family Life service that enables parents who have Court Orders to spend time with their children, in a safe, supervised and welcoming home-like environment at the Family Life Community House at 199 Bluff Road Sandringham. Most importantly, the children are able to build and maintain crucial bonds with their parent.

Family Life has honoured Mrs Taylor on the signage at the Community House.

June Taylor1

Mrs. Evelyn Lord – $56,879 – Residuary Bequest15. Evelyn Lord 31 Oct 2014 aged 99

We learned from her nephew, Mr. Harry Lord and his wife Carmel, that throughout her life, Evelyn Lord was passionate about the welfare of children.

So, Family Life invested Mrs. Lord’s bequest in supporting our high-impact Community Bubs and PeopleWorx programs. Thanks, in part, to Evelyn’s bequest Family Life was able to develop the Family Life Opportunity Shop Social Enterprise in Chelsea; today it provides a safe and welcoming environment in which locals can learn new skills, make friends, develop confidence, get work experience and contribute to the community.

The photo on the right is of Evelyn Lord (centre), aged 99, with her neighbours.

Evelyn’s great niece is a volunteer at the Social Enterprise in Chelsea. What an incredible family!


Miss Mary Couper’s bequest – House – Specific Bequest

In her role as regional Pre-School Advisor during the 1970s, the late Miss Mary Couper saw first-hand how staff at Family Life helped many families and little children.  Miss Couper bequeathed her home to Family Life. The proceeds from the sale of the home enabled Family Life to build a Children’s Service Centre in Sandringham  – a safe place where struggling families could come for professional help and support; truly a lasting legacy benefiting  local families and their children for years to come.

Mary Couper
Beth Bastin and Mary Couper

Sample Bequest

‘I bequeath to Family Life Limited ABN 37 712 782 209 (specified sum), or (specified item), or the (residue of my estate) free of all duties, and the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer for the time being shall be complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).’

Family Life ABN 37 712 782 209 is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.

Donations and bequests can also be made to the Family Life Fund, sub-fund of the Australian Community Foundation.

Bequest Policy

Family Life values and appreciates the generosity and kindness of its donors including those who make a gift via their will.

  • Family Life will seek to ensure that benefactors are appropriately honoured for their generosity.
  • Family Life will seek to ensure that the integrity of each bequest is maintained.
  • Family Life will seek to maintain the highest ethical standards in the acquisition and administration of bequests.
  • The expressed wishes and intentions of the donor will be paramount in determining the purpose for which the gift will be used.
  • Family Life will seek to ensure that all bequests are honoured with integrity. This may mean that we can only accept bequests which are made to Family Life with no specified purpose (i.e. unrestricted), or if specified, where the purpose of that bequest is aligned with the Family Life’s core values and strategic direction. If you are unsure about whether Family Life is able to accept your gift you are most welcome to call us to talk it over.
  • Family Life reserves the right to refuse any gift. This is because, as a community organisation, we need to consider the ethical, moral and financial aspects associated with gifts. If you are unsure about whether Family Life is able to accept your gift you are most welcome to call us to talk it over.
  • Responsibility for decisions relating to the acceptance or refusal of gifts lies with the Family Life Board and is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • The General Manager Finance and Development is responsible for the receipting, acknowledgement and recording of philanthropic gifts.


Living Bequest

There are times when making a gift while you are still alive is a win-win.

  • A Living Bequest (gift) is tax deductible for the donor, can offset other capital gains and may be used to reduce the cost-base of other assets (This is a guide only. Please seek you own legal and financial advice.)
  • A Living Bequest enables the donor to be recognised and to see the benefit of their gift while they are alive.
  • A Living Bequest can bring forward cash for Family Life, so we can get on with helping more families now.
  • A Living Bequest can avoid any difficulties with family members who may not understand or agree with the donors wishes
A Gift through a will

Is a gift for the benefit of the recipient for example, Family Life, and may take the form of a legacy, residuary bequest, pecuniary bequest, contingency bequest or specific bequest.


An amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

Residuary Bequest

The gift of whatever is left (the residue) after specific gifts are given. It is also called a residuary legacy.

Pecuniary Bequest

A gift of money in a will.

Contingent Bequest

A gift in a will that is contingent on some event or factor.

Specific Bequest

The gift in a will of a certain article to a certain person, persons or organisation.