Why Donate?


Family Life relies on financial support and donations from community and business donors to assist us to deliver a broad range of additional services.

Family Life welcomes many types of donations, whether it be monetary, clothing & household items or a donation through a bequest.

10 reasons to help children and their families through Family Life:

  • We are local and know the community inside-out, having worked here since 1970
  • Our help is available to every family, not just those who might be struggling financially
  • We are not affiliated with any religion or faith
  • Because of our size, we are responsive and can act quickly
  • Your donation is an investment in the future of our community
  • A small staff and a team of over 400 volunteers means we can be extremely efficient with your donations
  • We are audited by state and federal governments annually to ensure accountability
  • Our Board comes from the local community and meets monthly
  • We take a lead on social policy research and work to develop innovative programs
  • Your donations are tax-deductible

Family Life is a registered charity with the ACNC. For more info, click here.






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With  your support we can continue to build a safer, stronger and happier community and transform the lives of children and families into the future. Thank you.