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Help us create stronger families and help more children to thrive.

For 365 days of every year, our vital programs and services help local families affected by complex issues such as mental illness, financial stress, parental separation, homelessness, social isolation, family violence and alcohol abuse.

For many families, Christmas can escalate problems because of unrealistic expectations and financial stresses. But you can help! Donate to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable families and children in our local community.

Your generous donation will go to a local family
who genuinely need support. For example:

$35 will contribute to a practical counselling session for a young person like Charlie at risk of depression or anxiety. Read Charlie’s story below.

$100 will contribute towards family therapy sessions for Poppy, a child traumatised by bullying. Read Poppy’s story below.

$250 will contribute to 6 months of vital in-home care and support to a vulnerable new mum like Susie. Read Susie’s story below.


How your donation will help create brighter futures:


$35 will contribute to a practical counselling session for a young person at risk of depression or anxiety, just like Charlie

A car accident left Charlie’s dad with an acquired brain injury. Charlie’s mum had to work two jobs but was struggling to make ends meet. As a young teenager about to make the big transition to high school, Charlie began struggling with anxiety and the burden of taking on more responsibility to help his mum and sister.

Concerned that he might drop out of school and become isolated, his mum connected him with Family Life’s SHINE program, an early intervention initiative for children at risk of mental illness or who have a parent with a mental illness.

Charlie was given vital one-on-one support by an expert counsellor. Charlie strengthened his resilience and coping skills and remained engaged in school and life. He is now thriving at high school.

Poppy's Story

$100 will contribute towards family therapy sessions for a child traumatised by bullying, like Poppy

When Poppy, aged 10, and her parents started coming to therapy sessions at Family Life, she was shy and withdrawn. Poppy had been bullied at school for many months. She was finding it difficult to make new friends, had lost interest in all her favourite things and was making up excuses not to go to school.

Acknowledging the emotional trauma Poppy had experienced, an expert Family Life counsellor began the healing process with Poppy. Over several sessions Poppy explored strategies to deal with the bullying and manage her anxiety, as well as how to make new friends and resolve conflict.
Poppy showed rapid and significant change. She soon felt great playing at recess and lunch and is now confidently making new friends.

Susie's Story

$250 will contribute to 6 months of vital
in-home care and support to a vulnerable new mum like Susie

Single mum Susie was 20 years old when her daughter Sophie was born. Feeling overwhelmed and suffering from post-natal depression, Susie spent 3 months in hospital in a mother and baby unit. She felt isolated, alone and uncertain about her future.

Through Family Life’s Community Bubs program, Susie was listened to and supported. Trained and caring volunteers assisted Susie in her home, providing practical support and guidance. Susie began believing in herself again and was soon enjoying being a mum.

Susie is now studying nursing and is engaged to be married. She feels optimistic about her own future and that of her family.