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Family Life’s activities have brought about personally transformative and collectively beneficial outcomes for our community.

Last year, our vital services helped 11,500 children and families in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs with counselling, education, mental health support and more.

Help us make sure no one in your neighbourhood falls through the cracks.

Your donation will help people in our community:

$50 = a counselling session for a child like Ryle. Read story.
$100 = a support group for mums struggling with post-natal depression like Maria. Read story.
$2,000 = 1 participant to receive 10 weeks of PeopleWorx employability training. Read story.
$10,000 = up to 50 participants in the Young Leaders for Change program. Read story.


To donate, please fill out the following form:

How your donation helps Melbourne families, children and young people:


$50 can contribute to a practical counselling session in Highett for a child like Ryle.

Ryle was the naughty kid at school. He was seen as a trouble-maker. But under the surface, he was barely dealing with his parents’ recent separation, his mum’s depression and being bullied at school. He couldn’t deal with his anger and was terrified by his anxiety.

When no one else noticed, our breakfast club volunteers did. They referred him to Family Life’s SHINE counselling, where Ryle was able to find ways to express his feelings and unwind with relaxation techniques.


$100 helps Maria access a young mum’s support group in Cheltenham to cope with post-natal depression

First-time mum Maria was struggling alone with post-natal depression. Her husband had to work long hours to support them, and she had no family or friends nearby. She felt helpless, with nowhere to turn.

Family Life’s Community Bubs program gave her access to a young mum’s playgroup, support group, and counselling services so she didn’t have to go it alone.

$2,000 provides work readiness training for 1 participant for 10 weeks for people who are struggling to access mainstream education.

Mark learnt work skills that will help him well into the future. The supportive environment inspired him and gave him the confidence to try new things.

Young people often need encouragement and access to have a go and get started. PeopleWorx provided the unique balance of professional real-world training combined with mentoring and support that is often missing in mainstream education.

$10,000 provides 50 young people with the opportunity to participate in the Young Leaders for Change program.

The program curriculum supports students to identify a social problem of importance to them in their community and use their findings to advocate for change.

As a result of one school community participating in these leadership programs a free healthy lunch program has been established to address the problem of children coming to school without lunch. The program has brought about personally transformative and collectively beneficial outcomes for their community.