Family Life and the 2016 Nous Community Partnership Scheme

Centre for Innovation for Child and Family Wellbeing

We are delighted that the Nous Group is supporting our planning for the Centre for Innovation for Child and Family Wellbeing in Sandringham.
Family Life has a strong record of creating partnerships to develop innovative approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families.
Following a competitive round of applications, Family Life was selected by the Nous Group to receive pro bono consulting services through their 2016 Community Partnership Scheme.
Nous actively contributes to the work of charitable and community organisations. This year they sought submissions for projects that will enable disadvantaged and marginalised Australians to participate more fully in their community and society.
The support from Nous is a great endorsement of our vision and collective impact approach for doing more and better with our combined existing resources, as well as creating the collaborative setting for innovation and additional activity.

About the Centre for Innovation for Child and Family Wellbeing

Family Life has an established successful family service hub already operating in Sandringham. We will redevelop and expand this hub in order to support even more families across the lifecycle in Bayside and surrounding communities.
Our goal is to optimise health and wellbeing through a collaborative and innovative use of assets and expertise. The service expansion is happening in consultation with service partners, like-minded community members, businesses, community groups and all levels of government.
The expanded centre will provide access to integrated and innovative services and referrals, so that individuals and families receive the support they need easily and holistically, from the ante-natal period and early years all the way through to the elderly years.
This is a big achievement for improving outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

Our first priority: Parenting and early years services

Our ambitious 5 year plan to address unmet needs for families in Bayside and the surrounding region will begin in January 2017. Ante and post-natal groups and support services from the Sandringham Hospital will be held at Family Life’s 197 Bluff Road Service Centre and will be integrated with Family Life’s own Community Bubs, Family Support, Family Violence, Children’s Contact Services and Parenting Programs.
Part of this work will involve expanding the role of specially trained volunteers and facilitating community pathways to assist new parents by providing joined up universal and targeted specialist support services.