Map Your World

Map Your World is a curriculum and digital platform, that puts the power of digital technology into the hands of young change agents. Empowering them to positively impact in their local communities as they connect nationally and globally with a worldwide movement of next generation changemakers and leaders.

Family Life is leading the Australian uptake of this international program developed by Map Your World founders in partnership with The John W. Gardner Center for Youth & Their Communities, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Map Your World was inspired by the documentary “The Revolutionary Optimists” filmed in Kolkata, India where the Dare Devils, a group of young activists, continue to have a profound effect in their neighbourhood including a successful campaign to bring clean drinking water to their community.

Empowering young people

Map Your World is a program that empowers young people to explore issues and ideas that matter to them – to make change in their communities.
Map Your World enables young change agents to map, track, and improve the health and well-being of their own communities. It also enables them to share their stories of change with each other and with the world.

Map Your World involves a facilitator taking a group or class of students through a number of sessions (highly customised to suit the age, demographic and interests of the students and/or school or club) to:

  • explore what their local community looks like (map it)
  • identify a local issue/problem that has meaning for them and develop an online survey (track it)
  • reflect on results and possible actions for change (change it)
  • connect in with other “mappers” internationally via shared blog and teleconference (share it)

Lunch for Everyone – Case Study

Family Life piloted Map Your World in Tootgarook Primary School in 2015. School captains were concerned about students attending school without lunch.

Using digital technology, they developed questions and surveyed their peers to gain insight into the problem. They used the results to advocate with the school principal for a free lunch initiative at the school.

Through this project, the collective voices of 160 children inspired positive action by the adult school community. The school supported parent volunteers to start ‘Lunch for Everyone’, giving all children at the school access to a nutritious lunch once a week.



Family Life has trained facilitators who work with schools and community organisations to support young people to engage with Map Your World.

To find out more about Map Your World and the work Family Life is doing to support its uptake in Australia telephone our Manager of Service Innovation on M: 0406 382 795.

Map Your World – a global network of young people making real change.