Men’s Behaviour Change Program


Family Life provides specialist family violence services using a nationally recognised model involving a holistic family approach.

Within this context, the Men’s Behaviour Change Group program offers men the opportunity to learn and use alternatives to behaving in a violent or abusive manner.

As part of the program, men may be provided with individual counselling assistance prior to and after the group program as well as couple sessions with their partner where appropriate. Contact is maintained with partners during the program to monitor wellbeing and facilitate the transfer of learning into the home and family relationships where this is possible.

Where couples are separated and there is ongoing conflict over children, the counsellor implements strategies to maintain duty of care and promote safety.

“I had thought of myself as a non violent person towards my wife and children and as it was pointed out to me that some of the habits I had learnt growing up that were supposed to be normal were in fact violent. So I had 40 years of habit that I had to challenge and change, and this was something I found to be very difficult to do as I had to change my thinking as well.”
“I am slowly rebuilding my life – it’s such a challenge – but at least now I have some goals and direction.”
“Meeting other men in similar situations made me realise that I wasn’t the only one dealing with this stuff.”
“I haven’t saved my relationship, but now my kids feel safe to see me and ‘Katie’ trusts me with them.”
“Our kids have started playing nosily again.”

For more information please phone Family Life on 03 8599 5433 and ask to speak to a Duty Worker or email