Volunteering Overview







Family Life was founded in 1970 by volunteers, and it is the ‘volunteering spirit’ that has helped to grow the agency to become the vibrant and hugely successful organisation that it is today.

Today, about 320 members of the local community are active volunteers with every one of them making a significant contribution, either directly or indirectly, to Family Life’s work with families, children and young people. Some Family Life volunteers have been working with us since 1971, and for many people, volunteering provides them with a sense of belonging to the community, an opportunity to ‘give back’ and a chance to develop lasting friendships.

Volunteers are invited to make a contribution that suits their lifestyle, interests and areas of expertise.

Volunteers provide vital support across the organisation, from mentoring young people and providing family support alongside specialist staff, to administrative office duties and assisting in our opportunity shops and warehouse.

Training, support and ongoing supervision is provided for all volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering please email info@familylife.com.au or phone the Volunteer Coordinator on 03 8599 5433

National Volunteers Week

For National Volunteers Week in May we hosted our annual lunch to celebrate the invaluable contribution of last year’s 320 volunteers who donated 72,472 hours! We raised $1,089,604 and helped recycle tons of goods across our four op shops. Click here to see the photos.

Hear from some of our volunteers

To hear first hand from some of the volunteers supporting Family Life click on the below links to read their stories: