“If we accept that the objective for all families is the same – to maximise child development outcomes and well being – then the prevention and maintenance components can be understood as providing the same function for the families targeted for service delivery, whether this is the broad population of families, or those needing ongoing, sequential support. This suggests a holistic, or joined up service system, where support services for families remain integrated with the universal service system” (Cavanagh 2006).

In support of this aspiration Family Life is committed to working collaboratively and in partnerships to ensure that the support services required by all families, and especially vulnerable and isolated families, within its catchments remain integrated with the universal service system, and both culturally relevant and safe. Where there are risks related to child protection issues and/or complexity and intensity of needs that are known to have significant impacts on the child’s early development, Family Life will work together with its partners and with the existing service system to ensure that the respective services which will be offered are added, accessed or joined in with the universal system.

Additionally, drawing from the strengths and resiliency literature and empowerment models, whilst we maintain a paramount commitment to the safety and well-being of the child, we see our role as facilitating parents having and getting what they need to provide the best nurturing and care they can for their children. We are committed to think beyond traditional service models. While attending to the immediate parenting issues, we acknowledge the need in collaboration with other service providers to be facilitating supportive relationships between families and strengthening parenting skills for accessing universal services and resources to promote sustainable change and resiliency for the future.

Therefore Family Life, in the delivery of its programs and strategies is committed to move from simply identifying services, resources and people co-existing side by side in the community, through forming partnerships and joint projects, to genuine collaboration where power and resources are shared and programs are collectively “owned”. The outcome Family Life is committed to achieve is true collaboration with an integrated and shared service delivery, and, where appropriate and feasible, an openness to sharing common resources.


Community Partners

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Research Partners

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Let’s Talk About the Children – Mental Illness Research Partnership

Responsible, Responsive and Reparative Fathering in the context of Domestic and Family Violence – ARC Research Partnership


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 Myer Stores Community Fund


International Partners


Founders Forum For Good is a not-for-profit foundation, committed to supporting digital innovation for social impact. Working with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who embrace technology to address core societal challenges, FFFG champions and supports the world’s most promising social and environmental organisations to accelerate how we tackle issues and inequalities at scale. To this end, FFFG catalyses partnerships between social entrepreneurs and tech pioneers by (1) forging relationships and projects, (2) creating long-term mentoring opportunities, and (3) by inspiring founders to act via events, digital outreach, publications, and tech transfer.



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RankAbove also houses some of the world’s most seasoned website marketing experts, who impart knowledge of SEO best practices to the team and other RiseOut organisations.


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Family Life is the first Australian partner for Map Your World.   Map Your World is a global network that empowers young people to explore issues and ideas that matter to them – to make change in their communities.

Map Your World puts the power of new technologies into the hands of young change agents and enables them to map, track, and improve the health and well-being of their own communities.  It also enables them to share their stories of change with each other and with the world.