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PeopleWorx – Real world training for real world skills

Workplace experience is vital to gaining long term employment but it’s not always easy to come by. It’s even more difficult when you are faced with personal challenges that prevent you from benefiting from mainstream education.

Recognising this and the need to help combat rising unemployment Family Life developed the PeopleWorx training program. This innovative program offers real world training in our warehouse and retail environments in preparation for future employment or study. Young people often need encouragement and access to have a go and get started. PeopleWorx provides the unique balance of professional real-world training combined with mentoring and support that is often missing in mainstream education.

Why retail?

Hiring Managers look for many of the skills and traits that retail teaches people when selecting job candidates. This is why the PeopleWorx course covers all aspects of retail including communication, customer service, successfully working in a team environment and job readiness. For more on the course outlines please click here 

Ross and Denise serving a customer

Training takes place in a traditional classroom setting but participants get to work and experience a ‘real world’ retail environment at our Family Life Opportunity shops in Chelsea, Highett, Cheltenham and Black Rock as well as in our warehouse based in Moorabbin.

Students get to learn vital skills in a controlled, friendly environment while having fun. Participants also get one on one personal job seeking and interview preparation support.

Who can benefit?

The PeopleWorx program is for anyone (young or old) who needs help to get the skills, support and work experience you need to get a job, go on to further study or to become active members of society through volunteering. Perhaps traditional text-book and classroom learning aren’t suitable, low self-esteem and lack of confidence is a barrier to finding work, or getting out and becoming more connected to your community is the motivation.

Ultimately PeopleWorx assists participants in either undertaking any further study or engaging them with the community through volunteering which often leads to paid employment. Since the program started in 2003, PeopleWorx has helped over 1,000 unemployed people to get a job, go on to further study or to continue to volunteer.

Volunteer Mentors

PeopleWorx is run by a qualified trainer and students are supported throughout the program by Family Life Social Workers and trained Volunteer Mentors. The course is designed to assist students who may feel anxious, lack confidence or are not suited to participate in mainstream education.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blusiu2N4n0[/embedyt]

The classroom Volunteer Mentors provide a caring and understanding learning environment so that students feel less anxious and more able to cope with the employment process and with general wellbeing and positive thinking strategies.  Volunteer Mentors will also be accessible to ensure that past students continue to receive the invaluable support and encouragement that the volunteer mentors provide during the PeopleWorx program.

Would you like to become a Volunteer Mentor? Please click here 

How you can get involved

Want to join the program?

If you would like to send in an application to join a PeopleWorx course please click here 

Would you like to become a valued sponsor?

Just $2,000 provides work readiness training for 1 student for 10 weeks for people who are struggling to access mainstream education. If you would like to contribute to PeopleWorx and help unemployment in your community, please click on our Donate Here page.

Success stories

There are so many successful stories to tell. Two featured stories are outlined below. 

Young people like Mark learnt work skills that will help him well into the future. The supportive environment inspired him and gave him the confidence to try new things. Click on the picture above for Mark’s story.

PeopleWorx students have produced up-cycled products that are proving very popular in our Op Shops. Read more about their successful product ranges by clicking the picture above.

For more success stories and endorsements please click here.

How you are helping

PeopleWorx is a great example of Family Life’s ‘Profit-with-purpose’ philosophy. Proceeds from the Opportunity Shops are invested back into this local program and are transforming the lives of young people in our community.