Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises combine commercial trading with a social (or cultural or environmental) mission to create ‘profit with purpose’’ in order to fulfil social mission. Trading is not to create a profit for private benefit. In contrast to traditional charities, which are dependent on grants and donations, social enterprises sell products and services in order to achieve their aims. Our opportunity shops have led the way demonstrating how a retail business can generate income and create social benefits to fulfil the Family Life Mission.

From this retail success, we are seeking to meet other service gaps and needs in the community using the social enterprise approach.. Our new enterprises are Bayside Counselling Service and Bayside Children’s Contact Service.

In line with changes in government policy (like the National Disability Insurance Scheme) Family Life is ready for consumers making the service purchasing decision. By purchasing services locally consumers are also supporting the community in which they live. By opting for a social enterprise service, there is a ripple effect in the community, as our ‘profit-with purpose’’ proceeds are invested back into local programs which are transforming the lives of children, young people and families in our community.

Bayside CCs
Opp Shops