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How Breakfast can change lives…..Ryle image

His parents had just split up. He was being bullied at school. And his panic attacks terrified him.

At 12 years old Ryle* was going through a lot.

His mum’s illness meant she wasn’t able to care for him the way she wanted to. Ryle didn’t know where else to turn…

…until he came along to a Breakfast Club run by Family Life. He got a good start to the day with a healthy breakfast and he started to talk with the Family Life Team.

They quickly realised there were deeper issues, and set up counselling for Ryle to help him with practical techniques for managing his anger and anxiety. They also supported Ryle’s mum through her illness, and helped the two of them work together on a plan for their future.

Your donation is needed now to help kids like Ryle grow up in a safe, strong, and healthy family.

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Your donation of $20 can help provide seven meals through the Breakfast Club. A simple breakfast of cereal, toast, fruit, and milo is provided by volunteers for at-risk kids.

A donation of $35 can contribute to a practical counselling session for a child like Ryle. Through
storytelling and the use of relaxation techniques, kids learn ways to express their feelings.
And then how to manage them in a healthy way.

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Or call 8599 5433 or drop in and see us at 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham

Ryle and his mum’s last counselling session was a celebration, as the whole family was there together. Ryle learnt that it’s not his fault that his mum is sad, and that he can get support from his dad if he needs:

“The best part of meeting with the Family Life person is they made me feel
that my problems can be talked about and I can get the help I need.”

Ryle has now made some friends at school and has joined the school cricket team!

This is the lasting change you can make for kids and families through Family Life. Help create safe, strong and healthy families for safe, strong and healthy communities.

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10 reasons to help children and their families through Family Life:

  • We are local and know the community inside-out, having worked here since 1970
  • Our help is available to every family, not just those who might be struggling financially
  • We are not affiliated with any religion or faith
  • Because of our size, we are responsive and can act quickly
  • Your donation is an investment in the future
  • A small staff and a team of over 400 volunteers means we can be extremely efficient with your donations
  • We are audited by state and federal governments annually to ensure accountability
  • Our Board comes from the local community and meets monthly
  • We help take the lead on social policy research and work to develop innovative programs
  • Your donations are tax-deductible

Please give now!

Donate Now

Or call 8599 5433 or drop in and see us at 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham

* Name and details have been changed to protect privacy