Emerge – The Family Life Garden

Emerge - The Family Life garden

Family Life was invited to be a partner in this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Thank you to our wonderful partners for this amazing community collaboration; Bay Road Nursery, Candeo Design, Semken Landscaping, Atkinson Pontifex and Warner’s Nurseries.

Well done team for winning a Silver medal for Best Show Garden! And for capturing the essence of the work we do in the community – Family Life is here to help, to help transform lives to create stronger communities.

So what did our garden look like?? imagine;  Architectural flowers (representing the families, children and young people we help) emerging form the garden standing proud and tall (confident individuals and capable communities) above undulating garden beds representing the uncertainty of life (everyone has ups & downs in life).


Emerge - The Family Life Garden

Garden Description

“Emerge – The Family Life Garden” is presented by Bay Road Nursery, designed by Candeo Design, constructed by Atkinson Pontifex, landscaped by Semken Landscaping and plant stock is supplied by Warner’s Nurseries. The garden is designed to capture the essence of the Family Life Charity.

The garden borders somewhere between fantasy and reality, an artist’s impression of the essence of the Family Life Charity and what it means to the families it helps and supports in our local community in the past, present and future. Architectural flowers standing proud and tall above undulating garden beds representing the uncertainty of life. The flowers represent stability, growth, shelter and protection to the lives Family Life has touched. Water, fire and earth ensure all elements are represented in this garden to stunning visual effects. Structured, undulating planting, stone walls, timber decking and lawn come together in this garden to create a usable space that could border on the edge of imagination.


Bay Road Nursery has had a long association with Family Life, particularly their support of our annual Open Garden events. So we were delighted when this very experienced team decided to choose a local charity partner for this year’s Show Garden entry.

This is the 4th year of the collaboration between Bay Road, Candeo Design, Semken Landscaping and Warner’s Nurseries. Over this time, the team have been awarded a Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, Best Use of Plant Life and People’s Choice Award.

Prior to this collaboration Brent Reid from Candeo Design has been involved in the design and project management on multiple award winning gardens at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Semken Landscaping have been involved with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show since its inception and have worked with several designers on award winning gardens.

Warner’s are the leading plant grower in Australia and are celebrating their 100th year in business.

Atkinson Pontifex ‘s passion for show gardens has seen them win numerous awards culminating in their involvement in the Trailfinders Australian Garden which won Best In Show at Chelsea 2013.

The partners saw this as a great opportunity to show case Family Life and highlight the amazing work we carry out in the community, responding to the needs of families, children and young people.

Show Garden Partners

Bay Road Nursery: www.bayroad.com.au
Candeo Design: www.candeodesign.com.au
Semken Landscaping: www.semken.com.au
Atkinson Pontifex: www.atkinsonpontifex.com.au
Warner’s Nurseries: www.warners.com.au